Thursday, February 26, 2009

Testamonials for Kent Little


  1. Please leave any comments regarding your experience with me in either buying or selling a boat.
    Kent Little

  2. Kent did a great job assisting us buying a boat. We pestered him with questions and calls and he never lost patience. He was extremely helpful in guiding us on our boat buying experience and we are grateful for all he has done. We now have a Catalina 42!

    Rodney Tow

    Conroe, Texas

  3. Kent was an awesome when assisting me with purchasing my new boat. Like everyone I guess I bugged him with with silly questions sometimes. But always he was a gentleman and professional. I'm the proud owner of a new Beneteau 34 (ME II), thanks to Kent.

    Carlos Townsend
    Houston, Tx.

  4. Have now bought two boats with Kent's assistance. Being a good Brit I need to shop hard and view every possible vessel at least ten times. Kent's patience during this process is truly impressive – not a single “hurry up” from him.

    Both boats have been unusual and Kent’s knowledge and advice has been invaluable when making decisions on suitability and price.

    He’s someone that can be trusted.

    Greg Donnelly

    Operations Manager, North America

  5. Kent

    I was pleased with the professionalism and ease of dealing with Sea Lake on the recent sale of our C&C 115. You guys made it easy !
    Dave Christensen

  6. March 11, 2009

    Dear Kent,

    I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all of your help in helping us find the perfect sailboat for us. You made the shopping and purchasing of our boat very enjoyable. We appreciate your being available whenever we had questions or issues concerning the process.

    We are enjoying our boat and have been out on it every weekend since we signed the papers. It also nice to have you check in with us and make sure that everything is going well.

    If we ever know of anyone interested in purchasing a boat we will definitely give them your name. For sure we will be calling you if we ever want to upgrade to a larger boat.

    Thanks again,

    Chuck and Barb Dusold

  7. Kent,

    As you know, Kathy and I are very happy with our Catalina and with your service. Below is an entry you can add to your blog.

    I just completed the purchase of a used Catalina 387 from Kent Little. Kent worked his tail off for us. He not only did his job as the selling broker but also filled in when the seller and listing agent seemed lethargic. My friends know me as the "picky old bastard". I can complain about almost anything. Kent was perfect! He answered all of our questions and took care of every detail. I have absolutely no complaints, only praise for the service that Kent provided. I most highly recommend Kent Little to anyone in need of the services of a professional yacht broker.


    Dave Cochrun

  8. To Whom it may concern,

    I've known Kent Little for about 10 years. He has assisted me in 4 boat transactions. All have been very professionally handled from start to finish. 2 have been out of the area and were a little complicated. Not
    "Cookie Cutter Deals" and all still went smoothly.
    I would not consider buying or selling a boat without the expertise of Kent.
    Not only is he a great broker but a good person that I call friend.

    Good Sailing,

    Rick Erwin

  9. Kent,
    Thanks for all the effort and time you put into finding us the perfect boat at a price we could afford. Sorry it took us 3 years of looking. Jackie and I will always be greatful for the time you spent searching for us. Like you said, our old Lord Nelson was a great boat, but when it comes to sailing, it doesn't compare to the Pacific Seacraft. Also, want to thank you for loaning us all your charts of the lower Caribbean. We're on our way back to Texas and should be there mid June. Would love to have you and Liz over for dinner and drinks again. I'll call as we get closer. Thanks again for everything. Bill and Jackie Chalmers S/V Freya

  10. The ad for the boat came out on Thursday, I saw the ad Friday, looked at the boat Saturday, and signed the papers that afternoon. After a quick haul and survey began one of my fondest dreams of having my own Yacht with the transaction completed in 3 days. WOW! That was FAST! With his knowledge and support this was a very quick and pleasurable experience.

    Thanks Again and C-U-Later

    Terry Minter

  11. Kent helped my wife and me with a deal that I wouldn't have thought could be done. We traded our boat for another used boat, which was in turn traded for another. Getting everyone involved in the transaction to understand what was going on and shepherd it through to completion required patience and knowledge, both traits that Kent has in ample supply. The deal went through with nary a bump, and I couldn't be happier.

    John Lehman

  12. A friend recommended that I talk to Kent about buying a sail boat several years ago after the Harvest Moon Regatta. After looking at countless boats over the last several years he helped me get into the perfect boat and my wife and I are very proud owners.

    Sea Lake has taken great care of me from financing to after sale service and I have already recommended them to several people.

    Thanks Kent for helping make my sailing dreams come true, your patience and professionalism was very much appreciated during the whole buying and commisioning process.

    Fair Winds

    Mark Romanchock
    Grand Cru
    C387 #121

  13. "My wife and I had been discussing the sale of our 1999 Catalina 320 due to possible job relocations later this year. Since we purchased the boat from Kent Little, and were happy with that transaction, we felt he would be the right person to sell the boat for us. Based on a discussion with Kent during the 2009 Reliant Center boat show about the market for vessels such as ours, we listed the boat a couple of weeks later. When we signed the listing agreement, we had an expectation that we would continue sailing her for another few months until a buyer was found. Ultimately, that was not the case as Kent located a buyer and provided a written offer a week later.

    During the process of offer and acceptance, Kent was realistic about what we could expect regarding the negotiation and closing process, and his assessment of the situation proved to be spot on. In addition, the staff at Sea Lake was very helpful in explaining the process of closing and funds transfer. In the end, we were extremely satisfied with Kent's efforts, and our only disappointment was that the transaction occurred so quickly, we did not even have time for a farewell sail before turning her over to the new owners. When the time comes for us to purchase our next sailing vessel, we will definitely call on Kent Little."

    Regards, Chris Manges

  14. Kent, I just thought I would drop you a line and tell you how much Carmen and I enjoy sailing "C Charmer". Owning and sailing the C&C 121 has been a great experience for us.

    Tom and Carmen Washburn

  15. I met with Kent one week before hurricane Ike struck, I had come down to see a Beneteu 37. Kent had just sold it so we looked at a 34 and just talked for a while about what we were looking for in a new boat. Between September 08 and May 09, I must have called, emailed, stopped by for a visit or otherwise contacted him more than a dozen times. It did not matter if I was asking about his listing, his competitor's listing, an out of state listing, or his general opinion of a make of boat, he was always freindly and helpful. He never pressured me in any particular direction or to make a decision. In May of 09, we finally decided on a Beneteau 37, the same place we started 8 months before. We took delivery and have been very happy since. I can recommend Kent without the slightest hesitation and I will buy my next boat from him also.

    James and Debbie Copeland
    Beneteau 37

  16. I wanted to post a quick note about my experience working with Kent - First off i am a salesmans worst nightmare , i am impaitient , demanding , and more than a little argumentative . kent walked me through the process of building my new pacific seacraft , he made great suggestions as to the best way to outfit her . He was diligent and responsive throughout the delivery and sea trial process . In business there is only one definition of quality - that is meeting each and every customer expectation - kent exceeded my expectations in every way ( and my expectations in buying a pacific seacraft were high ) i look forward to working with kent with kent when it is time to move up to a bigger pacific seacraft .

  17. Kent,
    A note to thank you and all the Sea Lake folks for working with us on the purchase and commissioning of the first Catalina 445 in Texas. Lynette and I are especially grateful for your traveling with us to the Catalina factory to assist in the outfitting process.

    I'm amazed at the level of service we received after the commissioning from your staff as well as Catalina. This is how customer service should be defined. Thanks again and smooth sailing.

    Dave and Lynette Jupp

  18. Just want to say thanks again for the help in buying and
    selling the boat. It became part of the family and was tough to let it go.
    I hope I can give you some more business in the future.

    Thanks again,
    Danny Quick
    Hunter 35.5

  19. Kent helped us buy Heatwave our Beneteau 42s7 new in 1997. He was very patient with us to be sure that we got the boat that was right for us. Great boat.

    As we moved on, he sold that boat and helped us buy 3 more (one lost in Ike, still have the other 2). On each deal Kent has found a way to make or save money for us in the negotiation process but, even more importantly, he has been my friend and consultant every step of the way. I trust his judgement and advice completely. He's my guy!

    Thank you Kent for all you have done and will do going foward!!!!

    Chuck Buckner
    Grand Banks 42--Valerie Ann
    One Design 35--Revolution

  20. My father purchased a 47' Catalina from Kent in 2007. In 2008, about a year after I graduated from college, my dad passed away and the economy took a turn for the worst. My family and I were not in the position to realistically keep the 470 so we turned to Kent. Kent treated us like family. Over a period of a few months and 3 boat deals later Kent was able to help us get a fair deal out of the 47' and left me with a 34' Catalina. Kent was a pleasure to work with.

    Chad Colwell
    Catalina 34

  21. Kent Little is the most knowledgeable and professional yacht broker I have ever worked with. I have purchased two boats with Kent, one of which we have put more than 20000 miles under the keel wandering around in the Caribbean. Anytime I have had a question, a problem, or an issue, Kent has been there with his contacts and his expertise. When you buy a boat with Kent Little you get a lifetime of service after the sail and a good friend in the deal.

    Bryan Sawyer
    S. V. Callisto
    Vagabond 42

  22. Kent has sold two sailboats for us and in each case I have been most happy with his professionalism and manner in which he treated both the buyer and the seller. His ability to locate suitable buyers (even in these difficult times) is remarkable. To me, Sealake and particularly, Kent is the only place to buy/sell a sailboat in the Galveston bay area.

    Tom and Jan Taggart

  23. We initially met Kent through an online search for sailboats in the Texas area. It was a stroke of good luck, as it turned out Kent was knowledgeable about most boats anywhere especially in Texas. We are new at sailing and with that lack of nautical background, we could have opened ourselves up to any sort of slick salesman's tactics. Everything I asked Kent about, he responded with an honest, forthright answer. He never tried pressure sales, but we were enlightened as to what type of boat we would enjoy for our type of sailing. Although we slightly broke our budget our commitment to the quality of boat we were wanting, steered our decision more than Kent had to. Kent is a true sales pro and I would whole-heartedly refer him to a friend and I do hope he can be our broker when we upgrade. And if it is any further proof as to how positively both parties feel after the sale, using Kent... we bought the boat from the Taggarts. Thanks again Kent for your help and friendship!

    Tim and Sharon Daugherty
    San Antonio and Port Aransas

  24. Kent,
    I'm very pleased with the deal and I am very excited to have this boat (Albin 28). It is more my style than the sail boat, although I am happy to have had the experience with the Beneteau 393. It was a pleasure to work with you too Kent. I have confidence in your integrity and respect for your work ethic - although it took you almost four days from the sale of the Beneteau before you offered to sell me another boat (are you slipping)?

    Bill and Barbara Brock
    Albin 28TE

  25. Hi Kent-

    I wanted to thank you for your assistance in our recent purchase of our Beneteau 311. As the broker for the seller, you exceeded my expectations as far as being professional, patient and fair.

    I also appreciate your continued assistance in sharing your experience/knowledge in response to the many questions I seem to keep coming across in getting going on my "new" boat.

    Kindest regards,
    Mike Strachan

  26. Met Kent about 10 years ago when a buddy bought a new sailboat from him. Kent got my email address and has kept in constant contact ever sense. When it came time to buy our 65' Marquis Motor Yacht I knew who to call.

    We purchased literally the largest boat on Lake of the Ozarks with the intention of moving it overland to the Mississippi and ultimately to the Gulf. I'm going to really test Kent on this one. Oversize and overweight - this will be one to watch.

    As a first time boat buyer, I needed a lot of hand holding and Kent was a real trooper. It was very important in this deal to have the experience and contacts that Kent provided.

    Hopefully, I'll be trading up in a couple of years and you can bet Kent will be involved.

    Mark Huffstutler
    65' Marquis "Alpenglow"
    Telluride, Colorado

  27. I've bought 2 boats thru Kent and sold 2 boats thru Kent and each transaction exceeded my expectations. Kent does a great job! Also he has an extensive support network that he uses to "help with the details" and get the deals done smoothly and right. Looking forward to the next Boat!
    Also happens to be a great guy and good friend!
    Coby Knox

  28. I've bought 3 boats thru Kent, and sold 2. He has always been a great source of information, and really has his finger on the pulse of the industry. He is truly a professional, and I would highly recommend him to anyone buying or selling a boat!

  29. Hi Kent,

    Back in Nov. 2007 you brokered the sale of a Stamas 44 named "Gemini Dream" - I was the buyer. I've been out of the "loop" for a while cruising on that boat. The boat is now docked at Isla Xalaja ( on the Rio Dulce in Guatemala and is ready for more fun in Honduras and Belize this spring. I saw that you now have your own brokerage... that's great. I hope all is working out for you there. I just wanted to drop you a note to wish you well and let you know that three years after purchase, we're enjoying our boat to the MAXIMUM extent humanly possible... thanks!

    Russ Williams

  30. I want to thank Kent and his crew for such a Great job and listing and selling our sailboat. He was available whenever we needed him and even took the time to be available for the survey when we were out of town. Thanks for your service and such a pleasant experience.
    Wade & Debra Bradford

  31. We listed our boat with Kent in December and in less than 30 days we had a buyer! Thanks for a job well done.

    Kirk and Tricia Knorr
    Ex Owners-Catalina 400

  32. Kent,
    Jennifer and I want to thank you for all of the help you have given us in purchasing our dream. From the start you provided the information we needed to choose the right boat and then went above and beyond to gather details, get pictures, travel with me to inspect, etc. We have really been impressed with your "after sale" involvement, too, even to the point of helping us dock for the first time at the pump-out station! We appreciate all of the local professional references you have provided and your 28+ years of experience made our experiene a lot of fun. You eased the stress of learning all the many things and people we needed to know. We'll be referring any prospective boat buyers to you.
    Bill & Jen Carmichael
    Tayana 48

  33. Kent, What can we say that has not already been said? You have been so incredibly patient with us over many years in our ongoing search for the perfect live-aboard sailing vessel. You are a true professional, extremely knowledgeable, and willing to share your experiences to help guide us in our pursuits. You allowed us time to grow as we picked your brain for ideas and went from a pocket-sailor to a weekend sailor. Finally after many years of bearing with us, you listed & sold our Beneteau 331 when the economy was going down. You were fair on all levels of the deal (Jan2011). Having always purchased a new vessel you were there to guide us through the used vessel market as we searched for the live-aboard that will take us into retirement and the islands. Thanks for allowing us the time to find our "old gal" (Beneteau 44 CC) and sharing you network of trustworthy providers in the marine industry to help refit the old gal. You have become a trusted friend, appreciated for your honesty and steadfastness. We wish you nothing but success! Fair winds, Gary & Debbie Leonhardt, s/v Aldebaran

  34. Dear Kent,

    I seldom take the time to write letters, particularly testimonial type letters but your standard of service and performance throughout the search for and purchase of our boat has been so good that I would be remiss if I did not thank you in writing.
    Throughout the process you were always willing to educate and humor me without ever making me feel badly about my relative lack of knowledge. You were always willing to go the extra mile whether it was showing of boats here in the area or going out of the way while in another area to check out a possible lead. You helped us narrow down choices and prioritize needs until we were able to make an informed decision.
    You were always willing to share your thoughts and your resources and never once did you show impatience with either me or my wife with our myriad of questions and concerns.
    Also your service and commitment did not end when the sale was completed and you had your commission- it has continued through the delivery. This commitment to excellence is not seen often in business and speaks well for you personally and professionally. So this is a long way to go about saying it but Thanks for everything you have one for us and please feel free to use me as a reference at any time.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Matthew Dehn

  35. We have purchased two boats with Kent's assistance over the past five years. The ultimate testimony to our complete trust in his professionalism and honesty was the purchase of a used Beneteau 42cc sight unseen in October 2007 and when it landed in Brisbane, Australia we were delighted. She was in even better condition than what Kent had represented. Throughout the sale process nothing was too much trouble for Kent who provided informed answers to all our questions and also arranged the preparation and delivery to port of shipment. We are now the proud owners of a Vagabond 42 (now cruising the States and Caribbean) courtesy of Kent's expert market knowledge and tireless efforts.
    Gary & Rae Nicholas
    Beneteau 42CC
    Vagabond 42

  36. Dear Kent and Liz,

    Wishing you and the girls a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous and very prosperous New Year!

    Sharon and I thank you very much for our "Gypsy Moon" polo shirts... which we will get around to ordering shortly.... It has been a hectic Christmas this year.

    And Kent I want to personally thank you for reigniting my passion in sailing... giving me something positive to focus on during a very difficult time in my life. Now I can finally spend more time sailing and less time as a nautical mechanic!

    Merry Christmas


    Sharon and Ellis
    New Catalina 355